Restaurant Operation serves two distinct functions, manufacturing, and retail. Both are very demanding.

1. Okay, you’re interested in opening a restaurant, what’s required?
●  Starting a New Business
●  Business Information Center
●  State of Ohio Fictitious Names
●  Startup Cost of Going into Business
Tax Considerations for Startup Businesses
Choosing The Legal Structure of Your Business
● Simplified Business Plan Outline
● Leasing Versus Buying: Equipment
Leasing Versus Buying:Business Location
●  Seven Keys to Generate Revenue
Finance Your Business 1: Loans
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Using Social Media in Business
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Score Shops
Growing Your Business
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Cost Controls:  A profitable Food & Beverage operation is an operation that has solid controls and procedural guidelines designed to minimize waste, theft and perishability of raw materials.

Importance of Cost control
Over All Operation Guide
 Your Business Accountant
Personal Financial Statement
 Projected Financial Statements [use with XL1200]
 Spreadsheet to Develop Projected Financial Statements
Key Financial Ratios
How To Calculate a Breakeven Sales Level [see 4.13.01]
Spreadsheet to Calculate Breakeven Sales Level (Used with 04.13)
 Business Feasibility Analysis

 Managing Food Cost

Food Cost Control is the percentage of total restaurant sales spent on food product. The formula for calculating food cost is simple: net food purchases divided by net food sales (net means after the change in inventory). The rule of thumb within the fine dining industry is to maintain a 30% food cost, casual dining 27% and lower.

Review these useful links to help manage food costs

Perform Food Calculations
Evaluate Menu Planning

How to Calculate Your Food and Beverage Cost

8 Things You Can Do To Help Manage Food Costs

Food Safety

Food Safety
Food Safety Minimum Cooking Times
Dept. of Agriculture
Child Care
Food Handling

Managing Labor

Restaurant Labor Management Systems:  What to look for?
Restaurant operators know that controlling labor spending is vital to maintaining profitability.High turnover rates, government regulations and growing labor costs make it more important than ever to effectively manage these outlays.

Improving the usage and efficiency of your restaurant’s labor force is a lot easier with the right system for labor management. If you are ready to upgrade your labor management system, the Restaurant Technology Guys have a list of five elements to look for while you shop around.  There isn’t much use in upgrading your labor management system if it doesn’t improve upon your previous program. The right system for your restaurant should include features like:

Attendance and time tracking
Validation of employee clock-ins and -outs
Build and enforce forecast-based schedules
Payroll report generation
Manage new hires, transfers and terminations
Advance POS System

Think Entrepreneurial

Entrepreneurial spirit is a mindset. It’s an attitude and approach to thinking that actively seeks out change, rather than waiting to adapt to change. It’s a mindset that embraces critical questioning, innovation, service and continuous improvement.
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